Month: May, 2016

WCB Bookstore

Friday, May 20, 2016
Dear Church Family,
I'm excited to announce the launching of our church bookstore this week. A number of members have put in a lot of hard work to make it happen and we hope this will serve you and your families for years to come. Trevor and I desire to continue equipping you for the work of ministry--to know God better and make him known. All the books and resources you'll find in the bookstore have been scrubbed by us and approved as solid and biblical. We might not agree with every word on every page, but we do share significant agreement with the writers and the books themselves.
Some logistics...
You'll find some "booklets" on the wall that are free. These mini-books deal with a number of difficult but common problems we face in our daily lives. Please take them as needed, whether for yourself or for helping others.
The pastors "Recommended Reading" book(s) will be highlighted on the shelf. These will often track with the sermon series.
You'll find a price tag on the back of each book. We'll accept cash or check (made out to "West Center Baptist"), and you can place it in the collection box on the wall. Our Admin will be checking this box regularly. We'll handle the transactions on the honor system!
We'll no doubt add more books in the future, but these represent a sampling of core books we feel are crucial for growth in the Christian life. If the book you take is the last one, please don't worry...we'll order more! We want you enjoying books that help explain and unpack what we find in our Bibles, while at the same time pushing us back to the Scriptures--the source of life.
Please don't hesitate to contact us or Marli if you have any questions. Happy reading!
Justin DeBerry

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